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Today I learned that since 1.14, ‘kubectl’ has Kustomize integrated in it:

> kubectl apply --help | grep kustomize -A2
-k, --kustomize='':
    Process a kustomization directory. This flag can't be used together with -f or -R.

> kubectl kustomize --help |head -n8
Build a set of KRM resources using a 'kustomization.yaml' file. The DIR
argument must be a path to a directory containing 'kustomization.yaml', or a
git repository URL with a path suffix specifying same with respect to the
repository root. If DIR is omitted, '.' is assumed.

  # Build the current working directory
  kubectl kustomize

  # Build some shared configuration directory
  kubectl kustomize /home/config/production

I don’t know how I’ve missed this change, but it’s nice to know.

More info: