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Truenas Scale UPS reporting

2 minute read

I continue my adventures with TrueNas Scale. After configuring UPS I wanted to see the UPS graphs on the reporting page, but they were empty.

Truenas Scale monitoring Huawei UPS2000G

4 minute read

To protect my TrueNas Scale installation from power outage, I bought a UPS. I had a good deal on Huawei UPS2000G, and considering that it’s an online UPS it ...

Truenas Scale configure kubectl k9s

2 minute read

TrueNas Scale uses k3s, which is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution. It’s intended to be used only as platform for APPS, but I don’t see why you can’t use...

Truenas scale install fish

1 minute read

Recently I bought a server that I will be using as NAS/HomeLab. My OS of choice for this server is TrueNas Scale.